Over the years I have been very lucky to work with so many wonderful clients and here are some of the lovely things they have said.  


"I'm glad to say I've finally found a solution to my eating issues.  I had hypnotherapy at Christmas and New Year and it's been absolutely amazing.  I I've been totally abstinent since with absolutely no desire to overeat or snack between meals!  I've started to gradually lose weight that's fine by me.  The therapy has helped me to let go of the demons from my childhood and past and it has felt liberating.  So although I'm really busy with my studies, work, family etc.  I'm really well and happy in a calm and stable kind of way"

DS February 2016


In every field of human endeavour you get 90% pretenders and 10% the real thing. Lesley lands firmly in the latter camp.  An excellent, well-trained, highly professional therapist with a heart of gold

Barefood Doctor July 2015  (World Class consciousness teacher and author of 15 best selling books)


Lesley is a consummate professional who is eminently qualified in her field, a result of both formal training and significant experience in her practice.  On a personal basis, I have contracted with Lesley to assist me with fine tuning my skills in a second language. The result has been remarkable.  I recommend her without reservation.

Bob Hecht - July 2011