I am an experienced and professional therapist, fully insured and qualified to Advanced level.  I am also a Board member of the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists & NLP Practitioners and accredited with both the UKCHO and CNHC.  I am a qualified smoking cessation and fertility practitioner and I am totally committed to my continual professional development.


As an NLP Practitioner I trained with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna and I also practice Reiki energy healing both in person and remotely.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy (Hons) - Belmont

Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy - Academy of Advanced Changework

NLP Practitioner - Society of NLP

Reiki Practitioner - Channel School of Reiki

Reiki Master



How does Hypnosis work?

When you hear the word hypnotist, what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, the word may conjure up images of a show style of hypnosis which many find completely and understandably off-putting.


In reality, hypnotherapy bears little resemblance to these stereotyped images, a hypnotist does not hypnotize the individual. Rather, the hypnotist serves as a sort of coach or tutor whose job is to help the person become hypnotised.   While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like trance state, it is better expressed as a state characterised by focused attention with heightened suggestibility and awareness.

Yes, you are actually more aware in hypnosis and you are naturally in a state of hypnosis many times during the day.  It is a perfectly natural state.  Its also an excellent state for learning and making changes.  Isn't that just great?  You can do it all by yourself too.  Check out my blog on Self Hypnosis 

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What is hypnotherapy?

The term "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word hypnos, meaning "sleep." Hypnosis conversely is not actually a sleep  state but an altered state. Think of it like day dreaming.   Hypnotherapists use exercises that bring about deep relaxation and an altered state of consciousness.  A person in a deeply focused state is unusually responsive to an idea or image, but this does not mean that a hypnotist can control the person's mind and free will. On the contrary, hypnosis can actually teach people how to master their own states of awareness. By doing so they can affect their own bodily functions and psychological responses.  


2010 - present

I don't think I can be hypnotised

This is something I hear all the time.  Everyone can be hypnotised to some degree and sometimes you can be in hypnosis without being aware of it. I often hear people say that they went to see a hypnotist and 'it didnt work for them', often because they thought it would feel different.


During therapy It really depends on rapport and co-operation between therapist and client.  If you are absolutley committed to change and happy with me as your therapist then there is every reason for therapy to be both extremely successful and very enjoyable. 


I tell all my clients the best you will get from a therapy session is the change you desire and the worst is an amazing relaxation!