• Lesley Barker

How to Stay Resilient in Pandemic Times

There is good news on the horizon with the imminent roll out of COVID vaccines, but we shouldn’t get too excited as there is still a way to go. Its hopeful but more resilience is needed particularly as pandemic fatigue seems to be setting in.

Resilience is vital in these times and is the one thing that allows us to cope with the normal stress in life as well as being able to bounce back from a crisis. It’s a vital attribute to help us to deal with all the implications of the COVID pandemic.

Many studies have been made around resilience and there is a wealth of research which suggest that resilience can support our wellbeing and can help to deal with stress, burnout and emotional fatigue. Having a support network is also really helpful.

We all find out own individual ways to cope with COVID and all the control measures that are imposed over time. Resilience is a skill that helps to deal with difficult situations using self-awareness to allow us to stop and notice what’s happening and self-regulation when we can change what happens next to us using thoughts, emotions and reactions. Once we notice our talents and strengths our levels of resilience can be higher.

Tips for staying resilient:

1. Take care of your physical health - try and get out into nature every day even for a short time

2. Be kind to yourself – boost your wellbeing by accepting yourself and your actions. Don’t be too self-critical

3. Find time to relax – take some time out and do something you enjoy like reading or watching a film

4. Maintain relationships – try and stay connected to family and friends even if it is online. The connection is good

5. Focus on what works for you – what worked well in the past. Appreciate yourself, you got this far

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