• Lesley Barker

Never Give Up!

I've just been putting the finishing touches to my new Energy Workshop that I'm holding at my home in Normandie when I had a lovely reply to my Facebook page from a friend who said:

'I know your workshop with all your amazing experience will be fantastic! I have a deep respect for your work as a mutual client of ours undertook your sessions in Hypnotherapy and visualisation to unblock her energy to acheive pregnancy.... and the consultant said she couldn't conceive! This will be a wonderful experience with you in a beautiful setting'

What a lovely comment to receive I am very grateful but I remember that client very well and I also attended her appointment with the Consultant who did indeed tell her she would not conceive naturally. Well she did. And I am incredibly happy that she now has a beautiful infant daughter. So the moral of the story here is never give up.

By the way my energy workshop is going to be in my garden which is stunningly beautiful in the summer (that's if you don't look too closely at the amount of weeds that are there!). Very much looking forward to it and for more follow up sessions to follow.

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