• Lesley Barker

Nine things to stop

1. Trying to please everyone

2. Fearing change

3. Living in the past

4. Overthinking

5. Being afraid to be different

6. Beating yourself up over mistakes

7. Sacrificing your happiness for others

8. Thinking you're not good enough

9. Thinking you have no purpose

This was one of the most galvanising posts I placed on my Facebook page. It really seemed to touch a nerve with people and I understand why because I too am guilty of a lot of these attributes. Or was. I find that my therapist training has helped me immeasurably with coming to terms with these self limiting beliefs. Yet so many of us struggle through life being so hard on ourselves and creating difficulties and obstacles that hold us back.

So if you do one thing today be mindful of your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful and they can be overwhelming. Notice the repetitive and negative ones particularly. Be aware of them and acknowledge them. With practice you will find this easy and you'll notice a pattern and when you do you can begin to change them. It may seem impossible at first but trust me after a short while you will be able to notice, change and move them. They're just thoughts. Make your thoughts positive and empowering, be kind to yourself and speak to yourself nicely. So often we tend to beat ourselves up and put ourselves down so stop that straight away and start to say nice things to yourself. Its very empowering.

Once you begin to change your thought patterns you'll begin to notice your life changing in subtle and then bigger ways because ulitmately your thoughts create your reality. Everything you have right now is created by you and your intentions so make your thoughts light and positive and set your intentions in a positive way.

If you need help with any of these issues please get in touch. I can guide you through this and set you on a path to a new and exciting future.

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