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Hypnosis - what its really like

When you're in hypnosis, and you are believe it or not a lot over the course of a day, you're usually in the Theta state which is half-awake, half-asleep. Contrary to the name, its the awake part that makes it useful; all the sleep part does is lower your filters, known as the critical factor. Two of the clear signs that you're in hypnosis are softer breathing and REM - just like it is with the early stages of dreaming but as a general rule you still have awareness of your physical environment and if something makes you decide you want to leave hypnosis you will come out of it on your own. You can also decide on how long you wish to remain in hypnosis, tell yourself how long and you will achieve that. Your mind is a perfect time regulator.

Hypnosis feels a lot like dreaming, its a dream-like state. Something rather good to access when you're feeling a bit stressed or need to relax. Its actually like the feeling you have when you wake in the morning, that lovely cosy, hazy state you experience before you suddenly realise you have to get up! Its actually a very heightened state in spite of the fact that you feel relaxed, you are actually much more aware of your surroundings and any noises or distractions that may be there but you will be blissfully unconcerned because you are so relaxed.

There are different levels of hypnosis, the deepest level, the Esdaile state, is such a deep level of relaxation that Dr James Esdaile used it during surgery with no anaesthesia, hence the name. Its incredible that the power of the mind can actually lock out any discomfort when directed to do so. There are surgeons today that use hypnosis during procedures which allows for an enhanced healing and recovery. The power of your mind is immense and to think we only use just a fraction of it.

Hypnosis is something you can learn to utilise yourself. If you look at some of my previous blogs you'll find full instructions. It's truly an amazing and powerful skill to learn so go ahead and give it a try you'll be amazed and if you need any help with this then you know where to find me.

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