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Look into my eyes....What is Hypnosis?

Straight up I admit I am addicted to Hypnosis. I am a working Hypnotherapist and I love it. The reason I love it is because it's such a powerful tool for change. If I had a pound for every time someone came to me and said 'I wish I'd come to you first' I think I'd be quite well off by now. I see so many clients who have reached the end of their tether; they come to me out of desperation to get a result that has so far eluded them. One women had been to every doctor, specialist, therapist and practitioner over the years and had virtually given up until she saw an article about Hypnotherapy. This prompted her to contact me and a couple of sessions everything had changed for her and this transformation got her to exactly where she wanted to be. This is an extreme case of course and most people come to me with things like wanting to give up smoking, phobias, weight loss, anxiety and exam stress amongst other things. I am also a fertility practitioner and I can help couples who have been turned down for IVF manage to conceive using hypnotic suggestion. Having said all that I'm not a magician and to make hypnosis successful it's essential that I have my client's trust and co-operation. Without that it's a waste of both my time and theirs so it's really important that people come to me with an open mind. I'm pretty lucky really because I'm a very open and honest kind of person so I can usually get a great rapport with my clients which ultimately leads to a very successful outcome, and this is my sole aim. So how does it all work? Initially someone will approach me with a particular problem that they want to be rid of. I usually have a chat with them over the phone to ascertain whether or not Hypnosis is suitable for them and then we arrange an appointment. At the first session it's really important to get a good background history, things like how their health is, what their childhood was like - this is really important - what their problem is and also their expectations. After this initial talk, which is sometimes all this is needed at the first session because some people just need to talk, in fact they sometimes take the entire session talking. It sometimes feels like a brain download because some of their problems have haunted them for years and years and to be able to speak about it finally to someone who is completely independent is, in itself, very therapeutic. I explain to my clients that Hypnosis is a completely natural and normal everyday state. The perfect hypnotic state is when you wake up in the morning and you're feeling really comfortable and in that semi-awake mode. Likewise when you're going to sleep when you feel drowsy and sleepy. Well that's hypnosis! It's simply a relaxed state where your learning capacity is incredibly high so if you want to learn a language then play a language tape through some ear phones when you're going to sleep and you'll pick it up in no time at all. Hypnosis is actually a heightened state, the best you will get out of a hypnotherapeutic session is a complete change, and the worst would be a marvellous relaxation! Sometimes clients are so deeply relaxed and in such a wonderful place that they don't actually want to come back to consciousness. This is very briefly what happens in a hypnosis session, there are many different uses of hypnosis and not all suit every client so each session is very bespoke and tailored exactly to their needs and expectations because everyone is different and everyone comes with different needs. I often teach my clients self-hypnosis which is a skill for life and a very powerful one. I love what I do and I love the results I get. If only every hospital had a hypnotherapist it would help to solve so many problems and reduce the drugs bill enormously. It's interesting that over the years many doctors and nurses are learning how to use hypnosis as they realise what a very powerful tool it is, and how it can help patients so much because they realise how important the words are that they give their patients. Hypnosis can also be amazingly effective with pain relief and IBS and there are studies that prove this. It's amazing and wonderful and so effective and if you want to know more about my work then please go to my website at -www.lesleybarkerhypnotherapy,com If you'd like to try hypnosis I often run 'Mind Massages', a 20 minute session where I use words to massage your mind and relax your body to reinvigorate and energise you. Great after a long week at work! ​ Lesley Barker is an Advanced Hypnotherapist with 12 years' experience. Registered with the CNHC and the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists where she is a Board member and an active participant promoting the skills and uses of hypnotherapy to a wider audience.


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