• Lesley Barker

Dreading your holiday?

Its a bit of an oxymoron, dreading your holiday when you've been looking forward to a really hard earned break but its amazing how many people do. Just because they have a flight phobia.

For many years I worked in the corporate world in London with colleagues that had to travel all around the globe, often at very short notice and I didn't think anything of it until one day I noticed one of them looking white as a sheet and very agitated. When I asked him what was the matter it transpired that he had a dreadful fear of flying. I started to pay a bit more attention and realised that it was a lot more common than I thought. It was also something that wasn't talked about because it made them feel vulnerable and out of control. Not something anyone wants to admit to, especially in the corporate world.

So do you have a fear of flying? Are you dreading your next holiday?

If you are contact me and in a very short time I can completely turn the phobia on its head. It can be easily changed into a relaxed and comfortable experience. I've helped many people since my days in London and even some friends of mine who didn't realise that hypnosis is a very powerful tool to enable this change. Best of all its a very relaxing therapy and gets right to the heart of the problem. I've even had some really fantastic responses from some of my clients who I saw years ago and they're still enjoying travelling by plane.

I have a special Fear of Flying package, just go to my Fees page for more information and free yourself of this debilitating problem.

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