• Lesley Barker

How to support someone who is experiencing exam stress

If you know or are around someone who is experiencing exam stress the first thing you can do for them is offer reassurance because they may be beginning to doubt themselves or be stressing over their own high expectations. Offering them reassurance and encouragement will enhance their self-belief and motivation. Take them out for treat days, this is a great way to allow them to have the chance to unwind, take time out to relax and distract them from constantly thinking about their upcoming exams. Above all, have realistic expectations. Don't pressure them with your expectations of potentially unrealistic outcomes as this only adds stress and pressure and can cause them to feel overwhelmed and unmotivated.

Its really important to practice some relaxation techniques and this is a skill for life. A simple breathing technique can help a lot. When you find yourself feeling a little tense sit or stand in a relaxed position, slowly inhale through your nose counting to seven, let the air out from your mouth, counting to eleven, repeat this several times as it grounds you. That's it! That's all you need to do and you should now feel more calm and relaxed to carry on with revision.

Go for a walk outdoors - Sitting inside all day staring at notes and a computer screen isn't the best recipe for productivity, making sure you get fresh air breaks regularly will allow you to gain an intake of fresh oxygen, which will clear your mind and help you to re-energise and talk to someone - If you are worrying or would like further support, don't hold back on talking to someone, whether it is a parent, a friend or a teacher, just talking about your worries is helpful.

Get a good night's sleep

Bad sleep is both a cause and symptom of stress. Allow your body and mind to relax before bed by creating a wind-down routine. Especially the night before your exam, so you wake up fully rested and energised.

Make sure you keep hydrated, drink plenty of water and eat regular nutritious meals that will boost your energy. Avoid the temptation of sugary snacks and energy drinks as these will only give you a short energy boost, and then cause your energy levels to drop leaving you feeling tired and slumped.

If you need more help please contact me, I offer special rates for students and have a very successful formula for guiding you through exams, and any worrying situations, with ease and confidence.

Good luck!

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