• Lesley Barker


Yes, you are enough.

When you were born as a lovely little cuddly baby you were enough, you knew you were and you knew you could have anything you wanted especially the love you expected and needed.

As we grow older people make judgements, they say things that can be negative and hurtful, often without realising and when you get to around 8 or 9 we become aware of these words and they can affect us long into adulthood which is the reason I see so many people often presenting with problems that are far removed from the real issues.

So I want to tell you now that you are enough, you always have been enough and you need to know this. When you believe this magic happens in your life because you are not your past and you are not your childhood. You are more than enough and you always have been.

Keep saying 'I am enough' to yourself and things will change for you because the statement is simplicity itself and the mind will accept it. Old behaviours such as eating too much, spending too much, drinking too much will all go because you are enough, you don't need anything because everything is available to you. Keep doing it because it will improve your wellbeing, your confidence and your relationships and allow you to become aware of the many talents and abilities you possess.

Go ahead and tell yourself 'I am enough'. Tell it to yourself all day and every day and watch the magic unfold.

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