• Lesley Barker

The mysteries of grief

Had a very busy time with clients this week who came with many and varied difficulties. Usually a feeling of tiredness and anxiousness. Its only when I start to talk to them and little nuggets of information start to pop up and come to the surface. As this happens I begin to build a mental picture and use my intuition to get a feel of exactly what might be going on. Its just the way I work.

One of the things that stood out was how grief showed up so much and how we tend to bury it at the back of our minds and carry on and think we're over it. Doesn't help that some people can be very unsympathetic, I've even overheard employers ask a bereaved colleague if they're over it after just a few months. Not only is it completely insensitive, its ridiculous. Grief can and does show its effects for years. Its a very personal process, everyone is different and handles it differently.

Grief, as many of us have experienced, can just rise up and grab you when you're least expecting it and comes in a number of guises such as anger, resentment, guilt, acute sadness to name but a few. It can also cause depression and anxiety. This week I've worked with a number of clients who came to me with anxiety but who, it later turned out, we're actually suffering extreme grief. Luckily I have a great therapeutic solution for this which helps relieve the pressure and allows the client to move on with their life. It's a therapy I really enjoy giving because it's so profound and I just love seeing people leave with a brightness in their eyes and a spring in their step. That is all for today.

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