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Live for Dieting?

If I had a quid for every time someone came to me and said "I've been dieting for so long and I just can't shake off those last pounds" I'd be laughing. I think in the dieting industry they call it 'plateauing'. If you've spent your life on diets I'm afraid you'll never lose the weight because you have put your body into a constant state of survival which means whatever you do eat will go straight on in pounds because your body is screaming for nourishment.

I had a new weightloss client recently and we had an initial telephone chat which revealed she'd been on a diet for 27 years, since the birth of her last child. She walked three miles a day and tried to keep really active, she literally deprived herself of everything she liked to eat, she had a very sweet tooth which she tried to ignore and yet she wasn't losing weight, in fact she was very slowly putting it on.

We chatted for a while so that I could get the details of her eating and exercise patterns then I asked her if she'd like to do some therapy over the phone and as she was really keen we carried on. I suppose we did around 25 minutes of hypnosis on the phone and at the end she said she felt really light and in a good place.

Four days later she sent me a text which went along the lines of 'What have you done to me? I've just come out of the supermarket with a chicken, some salad and a bag of nuts'. Unheard of. Not one sweet thing, just some healthy alternatives. We laughed and she told me she was amazed at how easily she had changed her food buying habits in such a short time.

A week later she told me she had lost weight and was feeling great and really enjoying her new regime. Which just goes to show that 40 mins on the phone can really turn your life around with hypnosis. Its because it goes to the root cause and all eating problems are emotional. Change the emotion and the rest falls into place. Give me a call if you'd like to know more. 07747 752860 or go to my website at http://lesleybarkerhypnotherapy.com/offers

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