• Lesley Barker

What's Hypnosis All About?

"Look into my eyes, not around my eyes". I actually have a badge in my office that says that.

So many people are so frightened of the word 'hypnosis'. I know why, its the constant stage presence, the sensationalism, the clucking like chickens, the 'will I give all my secrets away?'

No you won't actually.

In fact hypnosis is such a natural state and no one seems to know this. Even doctors I've spoken to. Think about this for a moment. Why do you think young children learn so much so quickly? Because up until around the age of 6 or 7 they are actually in a permanent state of hypnosis. By that I mean that the conscious mind is not at the forefront and stopping information going straight to the subconscious mind where it is stored.

You see, when we grow up our conscious mind, our mind in the 'now' the challenging, logical part of our brain is always there. It challenges everything. The subconscious doesn't, it actually accepts everything, stores it and then decides whether to use it or not. You see your subconscious mind knows everything. I mean everything. We have so much power that we simply do not use by being in a conscious state. If we tuned into our subconscious more often we would be happier, more content, more knowledgeable, more in the flow and able to learn anything with ease.

If you need to learn anything like a foreign language if you played that whilst you slept you would unconsciously retain the information and find that you may indeed be speaking it without realising. The US Army used to do this to their troops stationed in Japan in WW2/ After a few months they just started to use the information and began to speak some Japanese. How brilliant is that?

This is the reason that I love to work with hypnosis so much because it is just such an amazing state for eliciting change. So whether you want to be more confident, improve your performance or get rid of a restricting phobia you can access your subconscious and make those changes. You can learn self hypnosis and I can help you with that or you can come and see me and get the answers and results that you seek.

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