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What exactly does smoking do for you?

When I'm asked what I do for a living its usually one of two very different responses. The first is people completely shut down and you can see they wished they hadn't asked. The second is eye popping, questions start coming thick and fast which is great because I have found that the subject of therapy, and in particular hypnotherapy, makes people very curious.

I was talking to some young women the other day in the hairdressers and this very question arose. They asked the usual questions such as 'Do you stop people smoking/losing weight/stop being scared of spiders' etc. They then admitted to being smokers, all three of them and I asked them why. It appeared to be purely social and most of them started because of peer pressure. Very understandable. It happened to me too.

I thought I'd just ask them what it did for them. They looked a bit taken aback, I dont think they'd even thought about it in that way. I asked them if they realised what it did to their body, i.e. inhaling carcinogens, depleting their vitamin C, premature ageing, depressing their immune system and they appeared really shocked and said they hadn't even thought about that.

That shocked me. There were these really attractive young women slowly poisoning themselves and they hadn't a clue what was happening. So I just thought I'd mention this because when I did finally explain to them it had a very positive effect and I found out later that they had all decided to quit. And quit they did, not using my services alas but using patches. However when they decide to quit the patches I told them that I would be here if they needed some help!

Its so easy to stop with hypnosis, I wished I'd known about it when I smoked all those years ago. I gave up cold turkey and it was awful. I still remember it now. Nicotine is one of the strongest narcotics known to man, no wonder smoking is a hard habit to kick.

But not if you come and see me ..........

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