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Exam Stress


Its that time of year again when kids are inundated with revision schedules, exam timetables, its never ending. I really feel for them, its GCSEs then AS then A2s, one year after another and then combined with that is the question of 'am I going in the right direction?' Its no wonder teeagers can get tetchy and anxious and at the edge of the scale I have even come across self harm. Its tragic. But there are things you can do about it.

I've been going into schools recently and speaking to Year 12 and 13 students with great effect. I talk to them about how they feel about it and often they dont want to speak up in front of their peers so we do some breathing exercises and I teach them about EFT tapping. This is something thats really easy to learn and something they can to for themselves whenever they feel that exam dread creeping up on them. We usually do a bit of hypnosis so they understand what it feels like because that can be a really useful tool for life, self hypnosis and its also a marvellous state for accelerating learning. So there's a double bonus here, relaxation and enhanced learning and memory.

I also cover Mindfulness, the latest buzz word but one which everyone seems to pick up on. Mindfulness and meditation is a brilliant skill for life and is something that I and many of my colleagues have been using for some time within a hypnotic environment. It has a growing evidence base that its very helpful for both adults and children and recent studies have linked it with emotional stability and improved sleep, increased focus and memory, enhanced creativity and lower stress levels to mention just a few of the positive health outcomes.

These strategies are of course useful for everyone, not just students and they are such easy techniques to learn. I usually like to follow up with a one to one session and this can be done over Skype really easily which is sometimes easier for young people because they can feel more secure in their home environments. It also means I can help people all over the world (there's a thought!). The outcomes are usually amazing, I've had students who've achieved straight As with just one session. It all depends on the individual of course but its amazing how just an hour can completely turn things around and hopefully make it a positive rather than a daunting experience.

I'm currently running a weekly hour long session in Berkshire for students and getting great results, well they keep coming back for more! If you are a teacher who is looking for a solution or a teacher that is stressed or a student who would like help just get in touch.

Contact me in strictest confidence if you'd like to know more.

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