Fees  & Special offers


SPECIAL OFFER - ONLINE PLANS DURING COVID19 LOCKDOWN €50 per session or €130 for three sessions booked and paid for in advance

For front line workers I am offering a free session for stress reduction and resilience programming just call me if you're struggling

IVF & Fertility Therapy

Have you been unsuccessful in trying to conceive or are you about to embark on a round of IVF?  As a Fertility Therapist I can help you overcome any underlying obstacles and actually prepare your body for conception.  I can also prepare you for IVF and support you throughout the process.

Course of IVF preparation or Fertility Therapy is €200 for three sessions including telephone support for three months. 

Mind Massage

Had a busy week?  Feeling a bit stressed?  Why not treat yourself to a lovely relaxing mind massage?

Its a gently relaxing therapy that can be done online so you can relax in the comfort of your own home.  

Only takes 25 mins.  Just €25

Save Your Life from Smoking Programme 

For all you smokers out there who have been considering quitting I am offering a Save Your Life Programme - its a Stop Smoking NOW Programme.  This programme will stop you smoking in one session and can be done at my practice or online using a method I have developed over 17 years of working with smokers and I've designed it so that it gives superb results for clients in no time at all. This procedure is also effective for those who are hooked on e-cigarettes or nicotine patches.  €150

Overcome Anxiety Package

So many people suffer with anxiety and often don't understand why.  There seems to be no control over it, the symptoms don't make sense and it can seem almost impossible to change.  Most people resign to living with it forever.  But not any more!  Hypnotherapy is an incredible tool to bring about lasting change.  Its gentle, its elegant and most importantly it goes to the root of the problem.  This package includes three in depth sessions plus a follow up session (or call) and email support for two months €150

Freedom from Exam Stress Package

So many young people are experiencing exam stress both from the whole exam process of revision, remembering, schedules and living up to expectations.  I am passionate about helping young people and I do talks in schools to assist in making this very stressful time as easy and relaxing as possible.  This package can also enhance their exam results.   I use a combination of hypnosis, mindfulness and EFT.  This includes two sessions from €75

Weightloss Programme

For those struggling with weight I am offering a package which will get to the root cause of the problem.  This includes three sessions, email support for three months and an extra half hour consolidation session within six months for €200.  I have many satisfied clients and testimonials to support this programme.  Its a great way to lose weight permanently without dieting.  

Living a Life without Fear

So many of us are polarised by fear and unable to reach our potential.  It affects everything and yet is so easy to remedy by changing the things that you tell yourself.  This package will get rid of all the negativity and fear that surrounds your life, give you confidence and improve self esteem.  Its a life changer.   €130 for three sessions

Hypnobirthing Package

Its a beautiful and wonderful thing giving birth but if we're honest it can be absolutely terrifying.  I'm a mother myself and I know that feeling, particularly with a first child, you just don't know what to expect.  I can help you glide through the entire process feeling in control and relaxed giving you confidence and time to enjoy the process.  Hypnobirthing makes the whole process much easier and more enjoyable and it will get you back on form much more quickly after confinement.  €100 for two sessions, all tailored around your due date. 

improving resilience & release of anxiety for high level EAs and Admin support workers

As a former support worker over many years I know how hard it can be to cope sometimes with the demands placed upon you making you feel very vulnerable.  Particularly in high pressure, high achievement environments.  If you're feeling worn out, depleted and unable to move forward or you just need to improve your positivity and drive then I can help.  Call me for further help and support.

All the above packages are payable in full at the beginning of treatment

Ad hoc sessions are charged at €50 per hour or €130 for a package of three sessions

Special rates are available to those on very low or fixed incomes. Please enquire for further details

Sessions can be carried out via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facetime at a time to suit you