relax - de-stress - revive

I'm here to help you whatever it is that's bothering you.  Using the minimum amount of sessions to achieve the greatest outcome I aim to leave you feeling more positive, more empowered and generally happier in yourself.

I can help with:


Lack of Confidence

Low self esteem


Fertility Issues



Weight Loss

Some clients just want time out to relax and I can help with that too or you may have a more specific goal in mind.


I'm now based in Normandy, France and I now work with UK  and worldwide clients using Skype, FaceTime

or Zoom


This is great for you, the client,

as you don't have to leave your house.  It's a really relaxing experience and the results are excellent  



Life can be so stressful sometimes and it can be really easy to just keep going whilst inside you feel overwhelmed and out of control.  Just a small change can help bring about a new balance and make you feel so much better.  i can help you make that change.  CALL ME



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